Freeze drying process is also known as the Lyophilization technique. Freeze dryer works by freezing the material, after that reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the Frozen Food in the material to change directly from solid to vapors. Our organization arranges Europe freeze dryers. You should contact us if you want a freeze dryer in any corner of Europe, for example, Paris, Budapest, London, Rome, Madrid, Vienna etc.

freeze dryers Europe
freeze dryers Europe

If we talk about freeze-drying process that includes three basic steps which are as follows;

  • Freeze

First of all, the material to be freeze-dried is cold at 0 to 2 degrees Celsius with the help of cooling equipment and then placed in a freeze-drying box. Close that box and quickly put the refrigeration to freeze a product thoroughly, and then the sublimation process is carried out.

  • Sublimation

The sublimation process is carried out under a high vacuum where the pressure is shallow, and the freezing state of the items in that box can be maintained. The temperature during sublimation is below minus 63 degrees Celsius, then the ice begins to sublime, and sublimated water vapors form in the condenser.

  • Re-dry

During the sublimation process the ice sublime, and at that time, the temperature of the food item should not exceed the limit so that the product can be prevented from being stiff. In this last step, the remaining moisture is removed by re-drying.



Freeze dryers have become irreplaceable in Europe for storing many foods, including vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat. This technique has enabled the continent to export and store its culinary delights while retaining their nutritional value and quality. Freeze-dried foods in Europe have gained popularity among space agencies and outdoor enthusiasts.


Europe is famous for its coffee culture; freeze drying has found a niche in the coffee industry. It stores the aroma and flavor of premium coffee beans that offers long-lasting and convenient coffee experience.


Europe’s pharmaceutical industry extensively use freeze dryers to produce long-lasting medications, vaccines, and biologics. This technology makes sure that essential medicines remain efficient even under challenging environments.


Freeze drying technology is used in the cosmetics industry to create long-lasting and stable cosmetic products, for example, skincare formulations and powered face masks.


Biotech companies and Research institutions in Europe depend on freeze dryers for different applications that result in storing valuable biological samples and preparing the materials for further experiments.


Scientific advancements

In Europe, freeze drying helps scientific research and advancements in different fields by providing a dependable method for storing and studying delicate materials.

Food security

Freeze dryers help you ensure stable foods by increasing the shelf life of perishable food items, reducing food waste, and enhancing food security.

 Export opportunities

European farmers and producers can export freeze-dried products globally that will contribute to the continent’s economic growth.

 Nutritional integrity

The Lyophilization technique helps preserve the nutritional content of foods and pharmaceuticals, making it an attractive option for all health care-conscious consumers.

In Europe, freeze dryers have emerged as a game-changing technology that addresses the critical challenges related to pharmaceuticals, food preservation, and many other industries. As your office contains to impress this technology, it is said to make even greater spride in reducing food waste, enhancing food security, advancing product development and scientific knowledge. If you want a freeze dryer in Europe, contact us today for the best free dryer experience.

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