Customer FAQ

About Freeze Dryer

The strawberries that are cut take a minimum of 30 hours, while the uncut ones require at least 38 hours.

20 hours or so. If the apple slices are thicker it will take more than 30 hours.

If the sugar content is high, the freeze-dried fruits tend to stick together. It is recommended to let them cool for a while, typically around 10 minutes.

It is not recommended to freeze-dry items with high sugar content and high water content.

HFD-4: It can be added to ≤6 layers of pallets.

HFD-6: Can be added to ≤8 layers of pallets.

When the room temperature is too high, it is necessary to install an air conditioner.

First oil change: After 200 hours of use. Second oil change: After 1500-2000 hours of use.

It is recommended to use Sifang brand high-speed vacuum pump oil.

A brief power outage has no impact, but if the power remains off for more than an hour, it is necessary to restart the freezing process.