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Freeze Drying Principle

  1. Freezing: The food is rapidly frozen under low temperature conditions, causing the water inside to form ice crystals.
  2. Reduced pressure: The frozen food is placed in a vacuum chamber, and the surrounding pressure is reduced, causing the ice crystals to convert into water vapor at a lower temperature.
  3. Water removal: The water vapor is drawn out by a vacuum pump, causing the water inside the food to change directly from a solid to a gas state, thus avoiding the loss of nutrients caused by water.
  4. Solidification: After pressure reduction and water removal, the water inside the food has been completely removed, resulting in a dry state.

This vacuum freeze-drying technology can completely remove the water from the food, thus avoiding the loss of nutrients during ordinary drying processes. It also preserves the original shape, taste, and color of the food. Household freeze dryers typically have intelligent controls, as well as temperature and time settings, allowing users to select appropriate settings for different foods to achieve optimal freeze-drying results.

Why Freeze Drying


A freeze dryer cookbook is a collection of recipes specifically designed for freeze-dried food. These cookbooks provide creative and practical ideas for utilizing freeze-dried ingredients in various meals and dishes

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Angus Roxburgh
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product has run 1 cycle really well. it did need some adjusting but with the help of Bella we got it all sorted very quickly. unit is large with lots of capacity.the support from Bella my contact has been second to none I can't speak more highly. I'm using for freeze drying meat. if it continues to run well I will be ordering more
Christine Yap
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Machine was shipped in a very secured packaging. It is my first time to operate this kind of machine so I had to learn for a while. their agent has been very helpful and responsive to my inquiries. I would highly recommend purchasing from their company.
Glen Mclachlan
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Delivery was very quick. Product quality appears to be very good (still testing). Service is exceptional. Among the best of all the companies I’ve dealt with in China so far!
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