HFD-2.5 Stay Fresh Freeze Dryer

Tray space: 2.5m2

Cold trap temperature:  -55℃

Number of  trays: 7pcs

Material tray size: 390*900mm



  How do you maintain a freeze dryer?

  •   Regular Cleaning and Sanitization: Clean the internal and external surfaces of the freeze dryer regularly to prevent buildup of dirt and bacteria.
  •   Check and Replace Filters: Regularly inspect and replace air and gas filters to maintain smooth airflow and prevent contamination.
  •   Monitor Vacuum System: Periodically check the vacuum pump and seals to ensure they are functioning properly and arrange for timely repairs if needed.
  •   Calibrate Sensors and Controllers: Regularly calibrate temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors to maintain accuracy and stability during the freeze-drying process.
  •   Keep the Work Environment Clean: Maintain a clean and tidy surrounding environment to prevent dust and debris from entering the freeze dryer.
  •   Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer’s operation manual and recommendations, especially regarding maintenance and upkeep.

How often do you need to defrost a freeze dryer?

The frequency of defrosting a freeze dryer depends on its usage and model. It’s generally recommended to defrost periodically based on production volumes and operational frequency. If frost buildup begins to affect the freeze-drying process or accumulates significantly, defrosting is necessary. This can be done by stopping the freeze-drying process and allowing the unit to thaw naturally or using a designated defrosting procedure.

Why Freeze Drying

Freeze Dried Candies

Freeze dried milk/yogurt

Freeze-dried chicken

Liquid freeze-drying operation - egg liquid

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