HFD-2.0 Freeze Dryer for Fruit

Tray space: 2m2

Cold trap temperature:  -55℃

Number of  trays: 6pcs

Material tray size: 390*900mm



Can you freeze dry fruit at home?

  1. Home Freeze-Dryer: This appliance is designed for home use. Just slice the fruit, place it in the freeze-dryer, and follow the machine’s instructions.
  2. Freezer and Vacuum Sealer: Slice the fruit and freeze it on a tray for several days. Then, vacuum seal the frozen fruit in bags and return them to the freezer until all moisture is gone.
  3. Dry Ice: Place fruit slices in a freezer-safe container and cover them with dry ice. Wear gloves when handling dry ice. Put the container in the freezer until the dry ice sublimates (turns into gas), leaving the fruit freeze-dried.

While home methods may not be as consistent as commercial ones, they still effectively preserve the fruit’s nutrients and flavor.

  Is it better to dehydrate or freeze dry fruit?

  Dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits each have their own advantages, depending on the final product and how you plan to use them:

  1.Dehydrated Fruits:

  •   Advantages: Simple to do without special equipment, can be done in an oven or food dehydrator. Retains some flavor and nutrients.
  •   Disadvantages: Loses more moisture, texture and taste may change, not as tender as fresh fruit.

  2.Freeze-Dried Fruits:

  •   Advantages: Retains more nutrients and original texture, crispier and lighter.
  •   Disadvantages: Requires specialized equipment (like a freeze-dryer), process is more complex and time-consuming.

  Choosing Advice:

  •   If you need lightweight fruits for long-term storage and portability, freeze-dried fruits may be more suitable.
  •   If you prefer a more traditional fruit flavor and texture, dehydrated fruits may better fit your needs.
Model HFD-9 HFD-10 HFD-15 HFD-20 HFD-25
Tray space 0.9m2 1m2 1.5m2 2m2 2.5m2
Cold trap temperature -55℃
Ultimate Vacuum <2pa
Power supply 220V/50HZ can be customized 110V or 380V
Processing capacity 12-14 14-15 15-20 25-26 29-30
Material tray size 200*425mm 309*780mm 270*780mm 390*900mm 390*900mm
Number of  trays 10pcs 4pcs 7pcs 6pcs 7pcs
Layer Spacing 35mm 65mm 40mm 40mm 48mm
Capture water volume 12KG/24H 12KG/24H  18KG/24H 26KG/24H 30KG/24H
Overall power 2300W 3000W 3000W 4500W 4500W

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