Freeze Drying Steak Meat in Dried Freezer

As someone who has been on a carnivore diet for over five years, I have tried a freeze-drying Machine from Lanphan in Europe for various types of meat, including beef, chicken, and fish, and have found it to be an excellent way to preserve meat for long periods while retaining its flavor and texture.

meat freeze dried machine

Here we share easy tips to freeze-dry food at home with a professional freeze-dryer machine. We’ll also discuss the process of freeze-drying food with dry ice and with a home freezer-drying machine.


If your home cooking budget allows it, a Home freeze dryer will provide the best results for freeze-dried meats.

The freeze-drying process is quick.

Use Clean, Fresh Meat:

You will need to ensure you are using fresh food in the freeze-drying process; the food should last many years from the moment it is freeze-dried

Prepare Your Meat to be Freeze-Dried

Next, cut your meat into smaller chunks to allow all the moisture to leave your food, and place it on freeze-drying trays of the Freeze-drying Machine.

In Australia, Lanphan provides a proper freeze-dryer Machine with special trays to freeze dry foods of different shapes and sizes.

Load Your Trays into the Freeze-Dry Machine:

Make sure your meat does not exceed the height of the trays, and space it out so chunks are not touching. Then, close the doors and set the Home freeze-dry machine temperature between -40°F and -50°F. Wait 24 hours and let the magic happen.

Store Your Freeze-Dried Food Properly:

Once your meat is freeze-dried, transfer it into air-tight containers. You should use a vacuum pump or sealer to preserve freeze-dried food at home. A mylar bag is more suitable for storing dried food than a regular plastic bag. These bags are designed to keep out oxygen and water and are perfect for long-term storage. Lanphan FreezeDrying in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe can add an oxygen absorber to each bag to keep the frozen food in the best possible condition in their amazing product of Freeze Drying Machine.

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