The temperature of freeze dried food is significant. Have you at any point asked why your freeze-dried food turns wet? I’ve seen many individuals confronting this issue in web-based gatherings and blog remarks. I accept the response lies in a fundamental comprehension of science and science.

Allow me to impart my hypothesis to a useful exhibit. I’ve set my stove to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a regular temperature for freeze drying. My standard cooler, then again, is around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, well beneath freezing.

Here is a fascinating examination I led for this video. I put a container in the stove for around five minutes, permitting it to stretch around 120 degrees – a temperature like what food encounters in a freeze dryer. In the mean time, I likewise had a container in the cooler, which I’ve been utilizing to store yeast for a really long time.

After eliminating the container from the broiler, it’s warm yet not ridiculously hot. It stays dry and clear, very much like the food in your freeze-dry plate. Notwithstanding, when I take out the container from the cooler, ice begins framing on it in practically no time. This is significant – ice addresses dampness, which is what you need to stay away from in freeze-dried food.

The focus point is clear: at the point when you eliminate food from the freeze dryer, it ought to be warm, not cold. In the event that it’s cool, it’ll draw in dampness from the air, prompting wet food. This isn’t simply a hypothesis; it’s a pragmatic exhibit of science at work.

Keep in mind, warm food protects better. Assuming you’re taking it unconscious, you’re unexpectedly adding dampness back to your impeccably freeze-dried food. In this way, consistently guarantee your food is warm while eliminating it from the freeze dryer.

I trust this helps you in your hold up drying experiences! I’ve been occupied with different food stockpiling projects, such as canning, waxing cheddar, and getting ready freeze-dried apples – a family number one. Keep in mind, preparing ought to be pleasant, not upsetting.

Assuming that you have any inquiries, leave them in the remarks. Remember to raise a ruckus around town and buy in buttons, and remain tuned for more hold up drying tips and undertakings!
Many individuals believe it’s close to difficult to do the freeze drying for themselves. This is not even close to genuine. Freeze drying at home is made simple by Lanphan. They sell three distinct sizes of freeze-drying machines that do everything in the machine – with the exception of prep and bundle.

That depends on you.

In every practical sense, around here at Freeze Drying Mother we utilize the medium measured freeze dryer. You can look at the sizes presented at Lanphan here.

What this machine does is first freeze the things on tempered steel plate to – 41 degrees or lower. This requires around 10 hours or something like that.

Then a vacuum siphon turns on and makes a vacuum inside the drum. This is the drying stage and will sway the intensity of the plate all over to a really warm temperature. This makes the frozen things discharge any water in them in fume structure. The vacuum sucks the dampness to the drum. This gathers in ice structure on the inward circle of the drum.

Then, at that point, there’s the last dry which is basically exactly the same thing, yet with a period related while focusing on it and an end!

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