How to Store Freeze Dried Food

Whether you are putting together long-term food storage or simply want to have garden-fresh fruits and vegetables all winter, the key to successfully preserving food is packed. After all, Lanphan freeze-drying provides the freeze-drying Machine for Homes in the United States, Canada, South Asia, and Europe, and many more stored food in containers and packaging that preserve the integrity of the food.

Location Matters

There’s a reason our forefathers built cold storage in basements—they’re great at keeping out light, and the temperature stays naturally cool. You can easily stash your food in the kitchen pantry. The heat will significantly shorten the shelf life of your food. So, outfit a room with shelves and keep your food safely in the environment it needs (like a cool basement or a dark closet) that can last for decades.

Types of Packing


You don’t have to make jam or pickles to take advantage of the art of canning. Traditional canning jars are perfect for storing freeze-dried foods at Home. All you need to do is sanitize and add an oxygen absorber to lock your food up nicely and tight for the long haul.
An advantage of jars is that you can easily see what you preserve. If you plan to use your food shortly, using a reusable resource like jars saves money and will allow light in. So, food stored in jars is in a dark place.


Cans are a food storage choice. Not only are they airtight, but they also prevent incidental exposure to light. The methods are very similar to the process used to package food in jars. One downside to cans is that they can’t be reused or resealed. With that in mind, be judicious when deciding which foods to place in cans. Lanphan Freeze Drying is making a machine that freezes your fruits, candy, vegetables, meat, and many more in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and many other countries. A gallon of freeze-dried food is a lot. Once cans are open, the food needs to use. So, you may want to portion your food in smaller packages inside the cans to make for manageable meal sizes.

Mylar Bags:

It may be the simplest way to package your preserved foods. All you need to get started are the bags and an impulse sealer. Mylar bags block light and air, but you want to remove as much air as possible before sealing the bags. Oxygen absorbers are the best! Depending on the food, Bags can take up less space than jars or cans. Another plus is that Mylar bags can reseal once opened. They can washed out and reused, similar to a canning jar. Mylar bags are also easily portable during an emergency. The most famous brand– Lanphan, makes a freeze-drying machine and Home freeze-dryer in Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

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