Unlocking the art of freeze-drying fruits is beneficial to preserve nature’s sweetness and flavor in every bite. Whether you are a seasoned culinary enthusiast or a newcomer to freeze drying, understanding how to set the suitable recipes in your freeze frying is the key to transform fresh fruits into delightful, shelf-stable treats.

As the Lanphan freeze dryer has a touch screen, you can set your recipes according to your desire. Select the language in which you want to proceed on the main power switch. After that, touch the recipe Icon and choose the number of hours, minutes, and how much temperature you want to give your material.

Recipe For Banana And Apple

  • If you want to preserve your banana or apple, one must be harmful; from 2, the temperature increases on #3, #4, and #5.
  • At 4 and 5, the temperature is 20 and 50°C, respectively. The total number of segments is five, and the stages of vacuum pump startup are 2. Then save the setting and touch the apply Icon on your screen.

Recipe for mango and dragon fruit

  • There are 12 segments in this recipe, and you need eight hours to freeze-dry these fruits properly. In the first stage, the temperature is negative, but it starts increasing. In the last step, the temperature is 55°C.
  • For the freeze-drying of mango and dragon fruit, you will require two vacuum pump stages. After that, you can save all the settings, and press the operation to start the process.
  • After that, the freeze-dried screen will appear as there will be a compressor vacuum pump and automatic running. And you have to turn on the compressor and automatic running, and the green light will get on.

By touching the monitor, you can see that there are two recipes you have saved on your screen, and there will be all the details of your recipes and the time required. No, you can quickly start by touching the cold trap. You will see that your freeze dryer is getting out, and you will put your sample into the freeze dryer. When you see that your selection is done, you have to touch the forward button, and after that, you have to open the wall to inflate, and you will see that the process is completed.

Setting recipes in your freeze dryer for fruits is a delightful journey into the world of food preservation. With the proper preparation, you can save the essence of fresh fruits all year round that captures the goodness of nature in every delicious piece.

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